When: 12-15 August 2017
Where: The Vistula from Toruń to Włocławek
Cities: Włocławek (12 August), Ciechocinek (13 August), Toruń (14-15 August)

Four days with the Queen of Polish Rivers. Tradition, adventure, fun, concerts, food and craft shows. Włocławek, Bobrowniki, Nieszawa, Ciechocinek, Toruń ... one of the most beautiful sections of the Vistula. Islands with wildlife sanctuaries, picturesque ruins of medieval castles, mysterious shipwrecks, historic towns and cities, and charming villages.
For hundreds of years the river was one of the main trading arteries. In ancient times the famous Amber Road crossed the Vistula in this region. Years later, the river marked the border between Poland and Prussia and then between Poland and the State of the Teutonic Order. A long war with the latter ended with the signing of the peace treaty of Toruń, 1466, which initiated free transportation of goods on the river. In 1920, this part of the Vistula was heroically defended against the Bolsheviks. Today it is still of strategic importance due to the plans for a new dam, which may change the river's future.
That is why the Vistula Festival, organized in the Year of the Vistula River 2017, invites you to the area stretched between Włocławek and Toruń, between 675 and 735 km of the river. Learn more about the Queen on your sailing adventure.
The Vistula Festival will provide a great oportunity to bond with this magical river, to learn about traditions of Vistula regions, and to meet people who passionately reconstruct
wooden boats: punts, scows, batteaus (in the past used for transporting goods) and small fishing vessels. You will see “nieszawka” boats with high bows, a true symbol of this region. To sail on this boat, cutting across shallow sandbanks, is to understand the Vistula.
The Festival will receive and welcome sailors from France, regular participants of the Loire Festival in Orleans, the largest river festival in Europe.
The riverside will transform into a busy place featuring many talented artisans and designers showcasing their stunning works and interacting with viewers.
You will see craftsmen making nets, barrels, ropes and boats (including poplar dugouts). Performances of shanty bands and other artists will accompany the main event.
The Vistula Festival will also give you a chance to try local specialties: traditional liqueurs, bread, cheese, jams, preserves, and other delicacies. The Festival will host the Tournament of Vistula Tastes for the title of The Best Vistula Taste 2017. The winner will be selected by event guests and participants.
For four whole days the riverside will come alive. The entertainment programme will feature a variety of events and activities such as performances, exhibitions, concerts, and many more.
This packed schedule will guarantee quality fun for all.
The Vistula Festival 2017 is open to all Vistula lovers. Let's celebrate together.