"The river chooses the boats" – say the French living on the Loire, a river, which is remarkably similar to the Vistula, with almost a thousand boats (majority of them – wooden) navigating on its water. The famous Loire Festival, the largest river festival in the world, invites a different European river every year. In 2015 it was the twin Vistula. The Polish anthem was played to honour Poland. Now the French have been invited to the Vistula Festival...

They will come in their traditional gabarre boats manufactured in shipyards that teach about cultural heritage. In France, traditional boats are treated like pieces of living history: you can touch them, shake them and hug them, but you can also hit them on the rocky bottom of the river. Towns and villages located on the Loire have their own flagship units.

Polish crews will arrive in traditional boats, used for sailing on the Vistula for centuries.