Mysterious ruins along the Włocławek-Ciechocinek-Toruń route

On the 13th of August the participants of the river cruise will visit the old Bobrowniki castle. The picturesque ruins of the stronghold built in the mid-14th century by the Dobrzyń Duke Ladislaus the Hunchback hang right over water. Until the 1980s the castle stood on an island, surrounded by water.

On 14 August, on the way from Ciechocinek to Toruń, the crews will see another castle. Its ruins in Złotoria cannot be missed. The history of the castle, built in 1343 by Casimir the Great, is connected with the battle of Grunwald 1410, one of the most important medieval fights. In September 1409 the Teutonic Knights from Toruń killed all Polish knights defending this border fortress. The Polish king Ladislaus Jagiello did not forget about it. After defeating the Teutonic Knights at Grunwald, he forced them to sign a peace treaty in Toruń at Kępa Bazarowa. The final transfer of documents took place in Złotoria.