Every two years, a festival dedicated to the Loire River brings together over a hundred of boat crews and thousands of spectators. For five days the riverside comes alive and Orleans lives to the rhythm of the river. The boulevard along the Loire is covered with stands displaying works of craftsmen whose life and art is connected with the river. There are special workshops for children, who can build miniature wooden boats or weave fishing nets. Adults can try their hand at boat building. The event features a multitude of shows, concerts, and other attractions. The entertainment programme culminates with night boat parades in the light of flares and candles, to the rhythm of music. This is a truly unforgettable, out-of-this-world experience.
In 2015, the Loire Festival honored the Vistula River. There were many references to the Queen of the Polish rivers and Poland.
At the Vistula Festival we want to thank the French people for this kind gesture. That is why we have invited the Loire and France to our country. There will be a stand with leaflets and brochures about the Loire Valley and Orleans. Shanty bands from France will perfom before the Polish audience.