Bobrowniki wrecks emerge at the low water level: about 100 centimeters in Włocławek, and 150 in Toruń. This is just a simple rule. When the water level in the Vistula is that low, you will see shipwrecks after you pass the Bóg Pomóż (God Help) rocky reef. Watch carefully, and the wrecks will surely be there. At 691.5 kilometer of the Vistula, on the right bank of the Bóg Pomóż island, lies the wreck of the Gniew icebreaker, sunk on 5 September 1939 during the bombing of a military convoy. Plans to pull it out of water failed and the ship was only dragged to the shore.

At the end of the island is a real treasure. Near the right bank of the river, at its 693.9 kilometer are remains of an old wooden ship from the 18th century. One of the boards drifted up from the bottom and its frame can be seen at the low water level.

Then, at 694.3 kilometer of the river, are the remains of Fortuna hippocampus. This tugboat was also sunk on 5 September 1939 by the Luftwaffe aircraft. At the extremely low water the wreck is like an island on which you can even walk.

Another wreck is hidden under water approximately 700 meters farther down the river. It is Spółdzielnia Wisła sidewheeler with a long history. In the years 1927-31 (under the name of Tryton), it carried passengers from Toruń to Gdańsk twice a week. Classical dances and live music accompanied sumptuous dinners...

Another interesting story is connected with the spot in the river at the height of the castle ruins in Bobrowniki. In August 1920 the Bolsheviks sunk Moniuszko and Lubecki ships. Some people believe that the ships are still there. The truth is, however, that after the end of the Bolshevik invasion, they were removed from the river, renovated, and returned to service. Lubecki is still used today.